About EBM

25+ Years of Delivering Quality,
Performance and Service.

It has been said that “windows and doors are the eyes of a house or building, they shape the way we look at the world and the way the world looks at us.

Established in 1993, EBM Systems has been designing quality windows and doors that are long lasting, safe and aesthetically pleasing. The desire to provide our customers with “windows for life” through constant innovation and standards improvement has and continues to be the driving force of our organisation.

As the most trusted and preferred windows and doors company in Nigeria, EBM provides end to end solutions to the construction industry from design, engineering and fabrication to the installation of glass and aluminium products for both interiors as well as exterior façade applications. We have set up two state of the art manufacturing units. Our Abuja-based aluminium extrusion factory, in partnership with one of Israel’s largest aluminium companies, produces a wide array of coloured profile systems recognised nationwide for their quality. Our glass factory in Lagos specialises in high end glass processing such as toughening, lamination and double glazing, utilising the latest technology and machinery.

Our extensive portfolio of offerings includes Customized Windows and Doors, Curtain Wall Systems, Aluminium Cladding, Glass Balustrades, Architectural Glass Systems, Skylights and Partitions. What sets us apart is our Complete System Approach which has been built on years of knowledge, expertise and experience, gained as a premier window manufacturer. Each one of our products is supported by an EBM engineered system to achieve European standards of design, quality and strength, resulting in a unique and proprietary range of architectural glazing solutions.

Over the years, we have developed a sound reputation for our manufacturing efficiency, superior products and unparalleled service amongst architects, developers, contractors and homeowners. EBM specializes in projects of all sizes from handling windows for individual residences to installing curtain walls for multi storey buildings, achieving high levels of customer satisfaction on every job executed.

Our company has built a legacy of knowledge and experience that defines who we are and has brought us to where we are today. At the same time, we are propelled by innovation and technological advancement which allows us to constantly reinvent and improve our offerings so that we remain in the forefront of our customers’ minds and of the building industry.

Why Partner with EBM?


The cornerstone of our continued success is QUALITY. From the sourcing of raw materials like coating powder for our profiles and accessories that make up our systems such as rubber gaskets, we import the highest grade from top notch international suppliers. We purchase machinery from world leaders to build efficient production lines and processes. Our quality assurance procedure is rigorous; well-trained supervisors meticulously inspect and correct every product detail on several stages of fabrication.


Our local presence and production capability allows us to provide reliable customer service. As we are in full control of our fabrication process, we are able to deliver on time, according to our client’s specifications and within the agreed budget. If an issue should arise, our team can quickly interact with the customer or visit the project site to resolve it to the client’s satisfaction.


Our consistent performance can largely be attributed to our highly motivated and skilled teams both in the fabrication and installation units, who work every day with dedication and professionalism to make our clients happy. We also invest in our people with regular training and development, upgrading their knowledge and imparting the latest techniques so that they learn on the job and grow.


Our motto at EBM is to provide “service with a smile”. We endeavour to bring a human touch to all our interactions, always adopting a warm and amiable approach. Whilst we have built the capacity to handle multiple jobs of any size, we take personal care and interest in every client’s project, ensuring we understand your needs and partnering with you to bring your vision to fruition. Significant time and resources are invested in product and service improvement as we at EBM work tirelessly to introduce the latest aluminium and glass solutions available globally to the Nigerian market.