For a Breath of Fresh Air and Breathtaking views

EBM’s aluminium and glass sliding window and door systems offer premium aluminium construction, visual elegance as well as superior performance and functionality, required for residential and commercial projects. Our systems amplify and optimise space as well as enhancing aesthetics as they welcome natural light, fresh air and beautiful views to any room.

Our aluminium sliding window and door products are extremely durable and come with a fully interlocked system between the panels, in order to deliver better security and weather protection. They have the advantage of faster and easier user operation, gliding smoothly and silently for many years.

We have three main sliding systems: EBM 17 and EBM 70 are for standard size openings while EBM 90 is one of its kind in the market, used for windows with very large openings.

Whether you are looking to include sliding windows or doors in a new construction or a renovation project, EBM is the perfect door and window partner for you.