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Doors characterize the overall look and style of your residential or commercial property. They are the most important entry points and exits of your building.

From Single and Double Swing to Hinge and Revolving doors, EBM offers aluminium glass doors providing the highest level of quality and security, for all your project needs. These doors have many beneficial attributes: the profiles are lightweight yet extremely strong and durable, they come in a variety of colour options and require none or very little maintenance. The doors are exceptionally versatile as they can be produced in different sizes with various glass options which complement most architectural styles and enhance the outlook of different spaces.

We deliver three tried and tested systems for doors: EBM 45 is a uniquely crafted system, engineered to support Swing and Hinge doors with larger openings. EBM 49, recently introduced in Nigeria, is a unique and proprietary EBM system used to construct doors that are robust in functionality and classic in style. EBM 2000 is the most well known and widely adopted system of the EBM series in Nigeria, utilised to fabricate Single and Double Swing, Hinge, Skylight and Fixed light doors.