Curtain Wall System

Creating a First and Lasting Impression

A building’s façade is usually the first feature to catch our attention. It is considered to be the most important aspect as it sets the tone for the entire construction. Curtain wall glazing systems have become a popular choice for high rises, both residential and commercial; some of the world’s most admired edifices use glass curtain walls as they embrace light and offer panoramic views. EBM Systems specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of European standard curtain wall and building façade systems.

Our systems are not only stunning to look at, but also critical to the functionality and energy performance of the building. They allow natural light to penetrate deeper, providing improved ventilation and reducing energy costs. They are air, water and corrosion resistant, easily cleaned, maintained and highly durable. Our two main curtain wall systems include: EBM Spyder for frameless curtain walling and EBM 75 for four sided, more conventional curtail walls with three different variations of finishing: Structural Glazing, Double Strength Glass and Cover Clip. Our curtain walls have an extravagant outlook but are extremely cost efficient while providing strength and stability to the building.


For Life

As glass windows are viewed from both the inside and the outside of a home or office, choosing the right style and system for your building is of primary importance. At EBM, we take pride in designing, fabricating and installing some of the best looking and performing windows that Nigeria has ever seen. We have a wide array of systems, including Casement, Projected, Turn & Tilt, Fixed Lights and Pivot windows, to cater to the diverse needs of our clients as well as offering bespoke solutions for unique projects.

Individually handcrafted with care and precision, our products are known for their quality, versatility and longevity as they are made from the highest grade materials, such as engineered aluminium with contemporary hardware and an extensive range of custom made glass options.

Multi-point locking systems form part of the frame providing ultimate protection against severe climate and unwanted entrants. Our choice of aluminium is based on our desire to provide our customers with a hassle free experience. It is a low maintenance material which resists the elements and is highly cost effective.

We offer three different options for windows: EBM 44, the most sought after window system in the local construction market, is used for Casement, Projected, Dual Opening and Fixed lights. EBM 45 supports windows with larger openings and premium grade finishing. EBM 50 is a new and unique, heavy gauge aluminium profile series distinguished by sharp window lines that fit flush with the frame, resulting in a minimalist and timeless design. In addition, EBM 50 is the preferred option for pivot windows.

Without doubt, EBM windows are guaranteed to last a lifetime and increase the value of any property.


You will want to enter through

Doors characterize the overall look and style of your residential or commercial property. They are the most important entry points and exits of your building.

From Single and Double Swing to Hinge and Revolving doors, EBM offers aluminium glass doors providing the highest level of quality and security for all your project needs. These doors have many beneficial attributes: the profiles are lightweight yet extremely strong and durable, they come in a variety of colour options and require none or very little maintenance. The doors are exceptionally versatile as they can be produced in different sizes with various glass options which complement most architectural styles and enhance the outlook of different spaces.

We deliver three tried and tested systems for doors: EBM 45 is a uniquely crafted system, engineered to support Swing and Hinge doors with larger openings. EBM 49, recently introduced in Nigeria, is a unique and proprietary EBM system used to construct doors that are robust in functionality and classic in style. EBM 2000 is the most well known and widely adopted system of the EBM series in Nigeria, utilised to fabricate Single and Double Swing, Hinge, Skylight and Fixed light doors.


Creating Open but Private Spaces

EBM designs, fabricates and installs European style interior glass wall partition systems. Each system is specialized to efficiently divide and organize a variety of interior commercial spaces, mainly modern and industrial offices, to give an open feel while maintaining privacy.

EBM offers partitions with aluminium frame and frameless designs, available in single glazed or double glazed glass panels. The single or double glazed walls add style to the working environment as well as being an economical solution to maximise space. The EBM 2000, used to construct attractive and practical partitions, is the most well known and widely adopted system of the EBM series in Nigeria.


For a Breath of Fresh Air and Breathtaking views

EBM’s aluminium and glass sliding window and door systems offer premium aluminium construction, visual elegance as well as superior performance and functionality required for residential and commercial projects. Our systems amplify and optimise space as well as enhancing aesthetics as they welcome natural light, fresh air and beautiful views to any room.

Our aluminium sliding window and door products are extremely durable and come with a fully interlocked system between the panels, in order to deliver better security and weather protection. They have the advantage of faster and easier user operation, gliding smoothly and silently for many years.

We have three main sliding systems: EBM 17 and EBM 70 are for standard size openings while EBM 90 is one of its kind in the market, used for windows with very large openings.

Whether you are looking to include sliding windows or doors in a new construction, or a renovation project EBM is the perfect door and window partner for you.

Handrail Systems (Balustrades)

Making a Statement of Style and Security

Elegant design, unmatched quality, excellent safety, easy and high speed assembly are what EBM Handrail Systems stand for. Our contemporary aluminium railing system, engineered from superior quality aluminium and powder coated in a variety of colours, serves as an attractive and practical enclosure for balconies, terraces and stairways.

We offer two types of handrail designs: with frame and frameless. Our systems can accommodate laminated or toughened glass panels for the highest level of strength and durability or aluminium balustrades with finishing options of framed glass, semi frameless glass and split rail balusters. Our handrails are simple to maintain, visually appealing and comfortable to handle.