EBM Glass Factory is located in Lagos.


EBM glass factory specialize in a comprehensive range of glass jobs, operated by sophisticated, reliable, modern machines and technology and by using modern production processes: Toughening, Lamination, Double Glazing, Sandblasting, Cutting to size, Edging, Drilling, are all available in a minimum waiting time for any of EBM customers.


EBM Aluminum Extrusion Factory is located in Abuja.


It was designed and built by the latest modern knowledge and technology in the whole world, in order to enable EBM to supply its customers with the newest products in the global Aluminum market.


The output of an Aluminum extrusion line located under the same roof with a passivation line and a painting line, well organized in the optimal production flow, and using the best raw material in the whole world, is a top class, European standard, magnificent, colored profiles systems.


Thanks to this factory, EBM enjoys the advantages of leading the Nigerian Aluminum market, with the best quality, newest products and with the most attractive prices.


Due to the best machines and equipment, to modern improvements in the production process, to uncompromised best quality raw materials, to the finest management and to a well-trained experienced manpower, all assimilated in EBM Aluminum factory, EBM customers join EBM flagship, become the leaders in their field, and gain the benefit of the best return for their money.