For Life

As glass windows are viewed from both the inside and the outside of a home or office, choosing the right style and system for your building is of primary importance. At EBM, we take pride in designing, fabricating and installing some of the best looking and performing windows that Nigeria has ever seen. We have a wide array of systems, including Casement, Projected, Turn & Tilt, Fixed Lights and Pivot windows, to cater to the diverse needs of our clients as well as offering bespoke solutions for unique projects.

Individually handcrafted with care and precision, our products are known for their quality, versatility and longevity as they are made from the highest grade materials, such as engineered aluminium with contemporary hardware and an extensive range of custom made glass options.

Multi point locking systems form part of the frame providing ultimate protection against severe climate and unwanted entrants. Our choice of aluminium is based on our desire to provide our customers with a hassle free experience. It is a low maintenance material which resists the elements and is highly cost effective.

We offer three different options for windows: EBM 44, the most sought after window system in the local construction market, is used for Casement, Projected, Dual Opening and Fixed lights. EBM 45 supports windows with larger openings and premium grade finishing. EBM 50 is a new and unique, heavy gauge aluminium profile series distinguished by sharp window lines that fit flush with the frame, resulting in a minimalist and timeless design. In addition, EBM 50 is the preferred option for pivot windows.

Without doubt, EBM windows are guaranteed to last a lifetime and increase the value of any property.